We work through partnerships with selected elementary, middle and high schools and agencies serving youth in the San Francisco Bay area. ICO provides experienced leaders and volunteers, along with the equipment and financial support for the outings. The partner agency provides at least one key contact staff member and often other teachers or parents.

Current partner agencies & schools

Albany High School

Albany High is a public high school in Albany. Approximately 15% of the school’s students are in the free and reduced lunch/low income programs. Patrick Oliver leads car camping and backpacking trips for students who are also participating in the AP Environmental Science classes.

East Oakland Boxing Association

East Oakland Boxing Association is an after-school program in East Oakland, open to youth from all over Oakland. EOBA is focused on building strong minds and strong bodies through physical fitness programs, gardening, and healthy eating. While the program is open to youth ages 5 – 21, ICO is currently leading trips with late elementary school and middle school aged students, primarily Latino and African-American, almost all of who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch programs. Linda Olvera leads day hikes in the East Bay Regional Parks.

Gateway Middle School

Gateway is a charter school in San Francisco serving an economically, racially, and ethnically diverse group of 6th through 8th grade students. Approximately 40% of the school’s students are in the free and reduced price lunch program. Rucker Alex and Lisa Valdivia are leading day hikes, car camping trips, and backpacking trips with the school’s outdoor club.

MacGregor High School

MacGregor High is a “continuation school” for students who were unable to complete the traditional high school program. Many of the students are from low-income families or are in foster care. MacGregor is located on the campus of Albany High School. Patrick Oliver leads car camping and backpacking trips.

Montalvin Elementary School

Montalvin Manor Elementary is a Title I public school in the West Contra Costa Unified School District and located in San Pablo. Participants are from the 4th through 6th grade classes. ICO has been partnering with teacher Beth Levine since 2009.    Cindy Townsend and several other leaders have led day trips to Angel Island, Mt. Tam and Tilden Park and overnight trips to Yosemite.

Oakland Kajukenbo

Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon is a vibrant martial arts school offering classes in the eclectic kung fu style, Kajukenbo, to children and adults in Oakland, California. Founder Kate Hobbs has been partnering with ICO since 2008. Participants range in age from 6 to 19. Leader Linda DeYoung organizes two to four trips per year that include days hikes to local parks, snow trips and backpacking/car camping trips in the Tahoe National Forest.

Oakland International High School

Oakland International is a public high school in the OUSD. This community school is designed to address the special needs of newly arrived immigrants from all over the world. Geoff Gailey, a teacher at the school and an ICO leader, organizes three backpacking trips each year as part of a spring outdoor education program. Trips are to East Bay Regional Parks and Pt. Reyes.

Oakland High School

Oakland High is a public high school in the OUSD. The school provides the District’s special program to address the unique needs of Central American students seeking asylum in the U.S. Linda Olvera works with this group taking them on day hikes mostly in the East Bay parks.

Siena Youth Center of St. Francis Center

The Siena Youth Center (SYC) is the youth program associated with the St. Francis Center serving the Fair Oaks neighborhood in Redwood City. SYC serves over 120 low-income, predominantly immigrant Latino youth ages 9-18. Programs emphasize health, growth, community and leadership. Michael Cadigan is leading day hikes and car camping trips in Mid-Peninsula parks and snow camping in the Sierras.

Tamiscal High School

Tamiscal High is an alternative school in Larkspur that is part of the Tamalpais Unified School District. Tamiscal serves students with unique talents and challenges (such as physical, emotional, family trauma) with a specialized program that emphasizes much independent study. Chuck Ford leads day hikes in Marin parks and snow camping and backpacking trips to the Sierras.